Sosnick Cobbe & Karon Team

The partnership of Matt Sosnick and Paul Cobbe goes back more than thirty years. As player representatives, these men extend to every client the same loyalty, commitment and respect that has sustained and nurtured their life-long friendship.
MATT SOSNICK earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern California, with a major in Communications and a minor in Business. After working in his family's business, he became CEO of a Silicon Valley electronics - related firm. His desire to combine a love for sports with expertise in business resulted in the firm of Sosnick Cobbe & Karon.
PAUL COBBE earned his Bachelor of Arts from Brown University with a major in International Commerce.  After living and studying in Europe, Korea, and Canada, Paul spent nearly a decade as a Senior Executive with Andersen Consulting in San Francisco and with Deloitte & Touche in Tokyo. His ability to communicate and conduct business in Japan and Korea opens the door for Sosnick Cobbe & Karon in the Asian markets.
ADAM KARON earned his Bachelor of Arts with honors from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a major in History and a Political Science minor. He went on to study law at the University of Southern California and is a licensed attorney and player agent. Adam is a partner and general counsel at Sosnick Cobbe & Karon, one of the youngest in the industry to hold such positions.
JON PRIDIE spent seven years as a professional baseball player with the Minnesota Twins. Originally from Arizona, his association with Sosnick Cobbe Sports began in 2000 when he chose Sosnick Cobbe to represent him as a member of the Twins Major League roster. Following a career ending shoulder injury, Jonathan became an MLBPA certified baseball player agent and currently serves as Director of Scouting at Sosnick Cobbe & Karon, bringing a wealth of on and off the field knowledge to the firm.
TRIPPER JOHNSON  began his professional baseball career when he was advised by Sosnick Cobbe as a first round pick in 2000. Hew as Washington's Gatorade Athlete of the Year in 2000 and was a First-Team All State selection in baseball, basketball and football. After retiring from baseball, Johnson resumed his studies at the University of Washington where he became a starting defensive back for the Huskies football team. A certified baseball agent by the MLBPA, Tripper has represented more than 20 players selected in the fist three rounds of the Amateur Draft and has helped negotiate more than $25 million in arbitration and free agent deals. 
JOHN FURMANIAK earned his Bachelor of Arts from Eureka College with a major in Sports Management. He competed in baseball and football, earning All-American honors in both sports as as senior. John earned his Master's degree in Sports Administration from Ball State University and is now an MLBPA certified baseball agent specializing in player recruitment and contract negotiations.
GRANT HANSEN , an advisee of Sosnick Cobbe during the 2004 Amateur Draft, was selected in the 3rd round by the Chicago White Sox out of Oklahoma City University. After shoulder surgeries ended his playing career, Grant joined the Oklahoma City Police Department, reaching the rank of sergeant and serving as the department liaison in charge of dignitary protection. Based in the Midwest, Grant brings both on and off-the-field knowledge to the Sosnick Cobbe & Karon team.
MATT HOFER earned his Bachelor of Science degree from St. Mary's College of California, with a major in Adolescent / Adult Psychology. Originally from Palo Alto, California, Matt began working for Sosnick Cobbe Sports in 2003. A certified baseball player agent by the MLBPA, Matt specializes in Minor League free agency and endorsement negotiations at the Major League level and brings unrivaled loyalty and determination to the Sosnick Cobbe & Karon team.

What people are saying

Sosnick Cobbe & Karon stands for so much of what actually matters in agent representation: honesty, loyalty, work ethic and a genuine love for their players. Matt and Paul have great players, and it's been a pleasure watching their company grow successfully over the years. I look forward to being a part of many successful years to come.
     - Jim Hughes, Rawlings

Sosnick Cobbe & Karon has been a great group of people to deal with. They represent some of the most talented players in the game and it's clear that their players' needs and wants are the company's top priority.
     - Kris Totten, Akadema

They (Sosnick Cobbe & Karon) get more information from scouts and scouting directors than any other agency. I can't think of a firm that is consistently better prepared than Sosnick Cobbe Sports.
     - Mike Radcliff, Minnesota Twins

I like dealing with those guys. They're honest, have integrity and are well-prepared and strong advocates for their clients.
     - Brian Cashman, New York Yankees

For integrity and professionalism, look no further than Sosnick Cobbe & Karon. They are second to none in both.
     - Jeff Labovitch, The Upper Deck Company
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